Olde English Tea at St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita

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Today was the 84th annual Olde English tea at St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita. It’s only the second time I’ve been able to attend, but I do love it.

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Even though it was a little wet, I walked through the garden area because they had made it so beautiful with the cloth and flowers.

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They seem to be aware that details are important, and had these matching flower arrangements at the door.

20130504 022

20130504 023


Just inside the door they had these lovely vignettes.

20130504 025

Centerpieces were teapots with flowers on each table.

20130504 026

I didn’t know the story of their tea until this year, but apparently Mrs. Walter Wintle, a recent transplant from England, held the first tea 84 years ago. She arrived to find the church in desperate need of $300 for roof repairs. She had a tea in her home and secured all the needed funds. A tradition was born!

20130504 030

The lemon curd is still made with the same recipe. They are also famous for the toffee, which you can purchase by the bag to take home.

20130504 081

They have a series of buffet tables, and just keep bringing food out. You can help yourself to whatever appeals to you.

20130504 136

20130504 083

A little touch they do, which I really love, is they have vases of flowers on each tray. So, even if the food is gone from the tray, it’s never empty. It’s beautiful and practical.

20130504 034

They also do cucumber sandwiches with different varieties of toppings. I loved this combination. They also have them with shrimp on top, as well as other goodies.

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Both years I’ve been they have these little mice, which are really adorable.

20130504 054

20130504 078

20130504 123

They have someone pouring tea at each end of the buffet table. They also offer coffee. And I noticed today they had water on a sideboard. I always try to take bottled water with me to an event like this because I can’t drink caffeine and I know how difficult it is to manage special requests at an event.

20130504 060

This was the bouquet at our table.

20130504 103

I met my friend, Jan, there. She is so much fun – always laughing.

They also offer a fashion show a couple of times during the day. I couldn’t resist a few photos of other details before I left.

20130504 135

20130504 138

20130504 087


I am completely in love with this little vase. Delicate little vintage vases with pink accents thrill me for reasons I can’t fully determine!

The Olde English Tea at St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita is always the first Saturday in May so mark your calendar!

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